About Miriam Quezada-Hagerman

Miriam Quezada-Hagerman

Miriam Quezada's is a bilingual presenter about the History of Rebozos and Mexican Art, her fascination for rebozos started when her grandmother gave her a beautiful rebozo just before she passed away. Miriam was 19 years old and has treasured this cultural inheritance all her life. “My grandmother’s gift of a rebozo inspired me to know more about the history and art of Mexican rebozo making.”

Miriam Quezada.
Miriam Quezada was born in Mexico City, and has lived in Los Angeles for over 25 years. She grew up in Mexico City. “Vicky, my mother who sadly died recently was a homemaker, a great Mexican cook and an excellent singer. My father Rafael came from a business family and opera lovers".

Ms. Quezada went to a private college in D.F. to become a teacher. Her grandmother and uncle were teachers. Miriam loved to travel. She traveled to the United States to study English where she found love and married the father of her two beautiful children.
Because she couldn't transfer her school credits from Mexico she had to start college all over again and had to overcome many economic and emotional difficulties when her husband died. She worked to support her children while earn her BA in Latin American Studies, at the age of 54. 
She taught Elementary and High School in LAUSD.
"I love teaching youth about Mexican history and cultural awareness. Being proud of our Mexican traditions gives kids self confidence and desire to succeed in life".

Miriam's love for Mexican art motivated her to produce Mexican folk art pieces from
found objects. She ran "Cultura", her own gallery in Long Beach. Her art has been 
covered in La Opinion, LA Times, Pasadena Weekly and El Universal from Mexico City. She has exhibited at Zona Rosa Gallery, El Portal in Pasadena and Colibri Boutique and Self of Graphics in East Los Angeles and also at museum stores like Southwest, Gene Autry and Mola.

Maestra Miriam Quezada is an excellent presenter who uses visuals, authentic rebozos
and hands on demonstrations to give a memorable lecture on the beautiful Mexican art
of weaving rebozos. She shows stunning and colorful rebozos from Oaxaca, Michoacan,
Chiapas and Guadalajara. The audience will also be treated to a fashion show of rare


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